A well-intended brand had become miscast as a medical device and yearned to become more visible, more relevant and more personal.


This is not a category for the clever. This is personal – for everyone.

Disconnected from their customers, the brand had to refresh and reframe their customer experience. This global company, recognized as the world’s leader in breast forms for cancer survivors wanted to evolve into a fashion line of pocketed clothing. With the world demanding brands that have a purpose, Amoena was in the perfect category to become a purpose-built brand.


Become the brand of choice, before the choice has to be made.

To build a purposeful brand, it was essential to connect with women, but before they or anyone they knew was given a breast cancer diagnosis. The strategy was to ensure Amoena transitioned from transactions to actions to interactions to relationships among not only breast cancer survivors and their influencers but also among women in their early 40s who might be serving in caretaker roles.


The brand purpose was strong and clear: Until breast cancer no longer exists, Amoena exists to ensure the women it serves can face the world with style and confidence.

The refreshed brand and marketing strategy helped Amoena be seen as a purpose-driven company. While the company always had strong intentions, the new positioning dramatically amplified their messaging and connections to their customers.