The physician staffing division of Jackson Healthcare needed to break through a conversation of desperation and fear with empathy and urgency.


Mix and match. It’s the recipe for juxtaposition and it’s the driving force behind both supply and demand.

There is a physician-staffing crisis in American hospitals and healthcare systems. New approaches to solving the issues need to be tried. The increased number of people who use the emergency room as their primary healthcare resource was facing a phenomenal increase and hospital resident physicians would be in short supply.


The numbers are in and they’re grim. But there’s a way to change them.

The Locum Tenens sales team was desperate to let their customers know that early planning could help them avoid the catastrophes that came with physician shortages. Voicemail and emails weren’t working. They needed a stronger message that would share the dramatic numbers and make an impact.


Animated videos generated a highly animated response.

The power of video storytelling combined with the dramatic numbers and an empathetic offer not only prompted customers’ calls, it had the added benefit of being easily shared with colleagues and CEOs.