What is there when there isn’t a super gizmo product? What is there when there are only degrees of fear? There’s an incredible need to reach people. The kidney transplant process can be difficult to understand in any language but almost impossible when it’s not in your language.


Language is only the first barrier.

Georgia Transplant Foundation’s goal, to educate the local Hispanic community that kidney transplant could be a viable option, was challenged by more than language alone. Regardless of their level of English fluency, 82 percent of Hispanics prefer Spanish for health-related communications. Trust was another huge barrier, as Hispanics can fear authority figures and possible deportation even if they have legal citizenship.


Influence the Influencers.

Of all the challenges, trust stood out as the most significant. Instead of a direct approach, the campaign leveraged the most trusted sources in the Hispanic community to help in the education and information campaign, including hospitals, medical communities, dialysis centers, the Catholic Churches, Hispanic civic and cultural organizations, media outlets and leaders serving the Hispanic population.


“Do it for yourself. Do it for your entire family.”
The message that is changing hearts and minds – and is saving lives.

While a kidney transplant is the only known cure for kidney failure, there are still so many questions that transplant candidates have. Knowing that family and faith are the cultural cornerstone of Hispanics, the most motivating message was finding out about the possibility of a kidney transplant for the sake of their family. With the help of compassionate Hispanic influencers, doctors, mentors and the media, Georgia Transplant Foundation was able to create awareness, build trust and deliver the important message and services that would save lives.