What do you do when an aggressive competitor with an enviable technology enters your market? A major brand refresh and a big investment in a cutting-edge tech stack took PeopleScout from now to next.


The talent acquisition and management ecosystem is as confusing as it is fragmented, but a true end-to-end solution could be a game changer.

Though the search, selection, and importance of an outsourcing partner has become better understood, clients are still afraid of getting burned. Outsourced vendors have a reputation of missing the mark in terms of not having the skills they pitched, falling short of contractual metrics, failing to scale, and not investing in the right talent. Because of these disappointments, savvy clients were more skeptical than ever.


As a global industry leader in sourcing through innovation, utilizing best–in-class tools and techniques, and with exceptional client service delivery standards, PeopleScout was known for driving results for a diverse set of clients.

But outdated technology and an aggressive competitor were eroding their market share. Denmark was engaged to develop a bold and authentic stance to reverse this decline as well as name and launch their innovative tech stack, which represented a major strategic capital investment. By positioning PeopleScout as the long-term talent partner with end-to-end service – and a new state-of-the-art technology platform – they were reframed as the solution that could take clients from where they were now to where they need to go in the future. By capitalizing on a unique set of skills, technology, and business units that operated under a single corporate banner, they became the player that could consistently deliver the promised scale, skill, and metrics to drive their clients’ business.


PeopleScout’s brand and technology platform launch was loud and proud, highlighting their role as the customer’s competitive edge, engineered to solve their toughest talent challenges. Denmark’s work helped clarify what PeopleScout does, how they do it, and, importantly, why it matters to their clients.

But more than that, the brand positioning and the trade name for the technology platform became a call to action for their team to act “as if” the organization already operated this way. The company gained a renewed sense of energy, moved in a new, positive direction, and the processes and systems to support this new trajectory were quick to follow. The new branding and technology platform announcement signaled a major change in the marketplace, energized the organization, and added much-needed sizzle to the sales approach that’s paying huge dividends.