The compounding complexity of enterprises and the accelerating pace of change are the two thunderous drumbeats in Nick’s ears. A graduate of Georgia Tech and founder of a digital communications company before becoming a principal at Denmark, Nick brings a highly informed perspective to helping brands engage with their constituents through traditional, online, mobile and social platforms.

“Technology is always going to be the tool. Your people are the solution.”

As today’s consumers and employees are measuring their brand and job experiences on a horizontal that includes expectations being set by the Apples and Starbucks of the world, Nick helps clients focus on all aspects of the customer and employee journey. By understanding their current market position, identifying and defining challenges, developing baselines and key metrics, as well as prototyping and testing, Nick and his team measure results and refine programs to generate increasingly greater success.

As for his other life, Nick and his wife enjoyed traveling the world, however, as new parents, their world is now diapers, strollers and an unamused cat.