Originally from Chicago, Katie began her career with Deloitte. Today, Katie leads Denmark’s finance and human resources department helping to keep the money matters in order and our people progressing happily.

“I’m not so interested in counting change as being in a business of change that counts.”

Skilled in financial analysis and strategic planning, Katie helps our clients make the most of their marketing budgets and allocations so there is never a gap between planning and activation reporting. Her ability to see trends and opportunities helps us manage client budgets with ultimate efficiency and tracking.

Katie’s deep understanding of business finance and operations, combined with her dedication to our people and our clients serves as the backbone of our agency’s culture and daily life. Her dedication to our clients’ success serves as the North Star for our agency’s future.

When Katie does take time away, her focus is on her family – which includes two Lacrosse superstar sons, one highly talented daughter at college and a husband who travels. Always dedicating her talents to the greater good, Katie is also actively involved in the local schools, charities and civic organizations.