I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend! My weekend was pretty good.
Between my work and family I was able to go to a pottery class.
It's been a few weeks since my dear friend Paola and I joined the class. I have sometimes need to challenge myself to commit time towards the pottery class, because I have been so busy in my life trying to balance work and my family.
How about you? How do you balance your time between your personal life and work?
Once I get there, I really enj...oy the atmosphere and the relaxed air of the class. I believe it's so good for me to switch off.
Please let me know your way to balance your daily life?
By the way - this is my achievement of making pottery.
I seem to be able to make only one shape at the moment... Hopefully I can change the shape in the next few weeks.

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I am currently working on a new tulle skirt.
This time I am creating it slightly differently to all of the other styles that I have designed before.
A little more feminine......
It has layers of gathers and softness. This tulle can be worn just by itself or underneath a garment.
I will try not to create it too full.
Perhaps in different colours too?
What colour would you like to see in this new tulle?
Also what other element would you like to see? A side pocket?

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