What happens when a product is designed to perform so well customers can forget about it? The first challenge is not creating a product. It ‘s understanding why people will care.


Engineering is only one half of the story when it comes to standing on a promise of reliability. Customers are the other half and then some.

A tremendous product is a great place to start, but you’re in trouble if that’s where the story ends. Our research revealed Ruud’s reputation for superior reliability was nearly legendary among both contractors and consumers, but without support it was about to become history. It was time to re-introduce and re-energize that perception and make it meaningful with more powerful brand stories and experiences.


Connect, educate and engage Ruud’s contractors with the powerfully truthful statement “We Still Make Them Like We Used To.”

Contractors work at a tense intersection of growing complexity in HVAC equipment and the ‘make it work now’ world of commercial and homeowner customers.

The new brand campaign was founded on a series of contractor education and affinity programs that moved the message into the customer experience. The combination fired up a campaign specifically designed not-to-be-forgotten.


Education and engagement through messaging and direct, crafted experiences proved Ruud sticks to its promises.

Nothing works quite as well as exceptional experiences to convert distributors and contractors to trusted partners. Ruud’s series of contractor educational programs and rewarding affinity programs reinforced the believability of the brand’s promise, raised brand awareness – and most important, raised sales by the highest margin in eight years.