At the heart of a technology company, we discovered a very human passion to become the most loved hosting company in the world. Perhaps the universe.


For small to mid-size businesses who depend on the web, it was time for a hosting company they could depend on. Even love.

Website and application hosting is often considered a utility with the same amount of customer service indifference. But business owners and the creatives, agencies and developers who serve them, needed a hosting company to be there for them 24/7/365. And at a minute’s notice. We enhanced the marketing strategy and clarified the brand story to give equal measure to man and machine.


People Plus Technology Powers Potential. And everyone loves that.

As the company was expanding, it was time to launch a refreshed Liquid Web brand and bring forward the new brand promise. Inspired by the leadership team, Denmark captured the company’s culture in a manifesto that declared “This Is Personal.” And that was just the start. The refreshed brand was rolled out in town halls, customer communications, product campaigns, website messaging, social media campaigns, digital display campaigns and videos.


Proof that humans love humans best.

The new brand story spread quickly. Here was a better kind of hosting company. Not only did it offer unsurpassed technology, it was backed by the most helpful humans in hosting. The new brand positioning stoked awareness, expanded interest and proved that “people plus technology” not only powers potential, it powers sales and market share.