Create a scalable communication platform to introduce multi-market collaboration that will better serve employees and customers.


How do you bring a company with operations literally everywhere, together? Bring them to a “Why” intersection.

The transformation from a federated model to a consolidated structure delivered through global Shared Service centers created confusion, anxiety, and unproductive employee behaviors. While the implementation of Shared Services had been ongoing, there was little to no engagement between global leadership, country-level stakeholders, impacted employees, and external brokers on the value and potential of this large-scale change. The negative perceptions and behaviors surrounding Shared Services required the delivery of the right message to the right audience, reinforced in a strategic manner.


Change the conversation from new processes and job losses to how the People, Places, and Purpose of Shared Services contribute and advance the brand’s focus on customers.

Employees want to connect emotionally with their work. Customers want to know they are valued. Anything less creates a vacuum filled with friction and fear. A multi-pronged strategic messaging platform was created, with ongoing campaigns highlighting the purpose, benefits, and direction of Shared Services, customized by lines of business, roles and responsibilities, and channel preferences. Brand behaviors were reinforced with videos, executive-employee digital chats, content-rich websites, newsletters, rewards and recognition programs and portal, and virtual tours.


Around the world the customer experience and employee engagement arrows continue pointing up.

Yes, there are bottom-line measures like accounting figures and case processing ratios, but more significantly, we have witnessed people, around the world, view and participate in this campaign with both cheers and tears of joy. New employees in new markets are introduced to a company driven by a shared, global culture that cheers one another. Experienced employees in existing offices have said they feel re-connected to a company they feared was lost. It’s back now.