AIG | Auto Insurance

With an efficient auto repair network already well established, the company was presented a challenge by management to drive a 30 percent increase in network usage.


What do you do with a product no one looks forward to using? You focus on the person.

If you wait until the wreck to make the decision on which repair shop to use, trust will be in short supply. Between a customer’s natural concern at the time a claim is made and the restrictions of anti-steering laws, communications about the selection of the insurance agency’s repair network had dramatically decreased in efficacy – and empathy.


Make the connection, and polish the reputation, long before the collision.

The time of an accident is no time to challenge assumptions. Research showed that with advance knowledge of the benefits of the insurers’ auto repair network, customers said they would be more inclined to choose their insurers repair shop.


Insights drove actions. Education made decisions more favorable.

A strong broker and customer communications plan was developed, including welcome kits at the time of auto insurance purchase, ongoing customer connections, feedback loops and improved branding at the network repair shops.