Inside a great telecommunications company, we found a great customer experience leader ready to be discovered. (And acquired.)


For small and mid-sized businesses, telecommunications is a complex purchase decision made not by small and mid-sized businesses but regular-sized human beings.

Minus the hierarchy of large enterprises, Cbeyond’s main audience made their complex buying decisions like real people. Knowing this B2B sale would ultimately be a question of trust, we changed the marketing strategy to create a customer-centric storyline, simplified the brand messages to create more personal connections, emphasized education – and above all, generated emotional appeal.


The best way to build a company is together.

With a direct sales model, employee engagement was critical throughout the organization. Inspired by the CEO, the employee engagement programs echoed a culture that made the customer-first marketing credible. The new brand campaign highlighted customer success stories reinforced with educational seminars, community events, videos, webinars, and a content-rich website. We didn’t stop there, though, and neither did they, as we collaborated in helping form an organizational first – the establishment of a Customer Experience Officer.


Emotional stories win and simplicity conquers complexity every time.

It didn’t take long. Once a national study of telecommunication companies ranked Cbeyond as the #2 top brand against much larger competitors the results were exceptionally clear. With rapidly increasing sales, booming customer base and expanding offers, the consumer-oriented marketing strategy connected directly to the bottom line and catapulted Cbeyond into a trajectory leading to its successful sale.