The Power of Number 1

Every brand thirsts to be Number 1 in their category. Number 1 in the hearts and minds of their constituents. Number 1 in their wallet share.

Getting to the Number 1 spot can be a long, hard slog of years unfailingly delivering on promises and your relentless drive to exceed customer expectations. Or it can be through an insanely great, atom-smashing burst of mind-bending innovation.

Or, of course, there is another choice – a choice that takes the premise of branding one better: you can simply bolt it on your label and see who swallows the claim.

Antigal Winery & Estates, simply named their 2008 Malbec, 1. A big, bold, bolted-on number 1. And to make it all the more impactful, while the packaging is startling on the wine case, it is absolute reality-altering on the bottle with its “iron-on-glass” effect. Look at the picture: the flowers, even the bird, will take your eye away from the 1, but your eyes always returns to the 1. So for arresting beauty and powerful presentation, we have to hand it to Antigal, Winery & Estates for its 2008 Malbec packaging.

Of course, we all know it’s not that easy to actually be Number 1. So rather than bolting on Number 1, what is the Number 1 your brand can really stand on? Sometimes finding a Number 1 position for your brand means slicing the pie into smaller pieces.

Here are 10 areas where your brand can claim a meaningful Number 1 position:

  1. Year-over-year sales
  2. New customers
  3. Retained customers
  4. Increased revenue per existing customers
  5. Quality (and explore all aspects of your brand’s quality)
  6. Innovation/new product launches
  7. Online sales
  8. Awards: top awards in any category
  9. Facebook fans, Twitter followers and/or website visits
  10. Happy employees

It’s hard work, constantly striving in all meaningful and relevant arenas to be in the top spot, not only giving you more stories to share but also, the power of claiming Number 1 status is worth the effort.