Behaviorist | Principal, Integrated Performance Consulting

Dr. Welyne Thomas brings over 25 years experience and expertise in executive coaching, assessment for selection and development, talent management, and organizational development. As a strategic partner for Denmark, Dr. Thomas’ strategies and insights not only guide our clients’ employee engagement strategies, but also help ensure our team has the ability, role-clarity and motivation to thrive. Yes, we are not above taking our own medicine.

“When your greatest strength is also your greatest vulnerability, pay attention!”

Dr. Thomas has overseen and executed every aspect of talent management including talent strategy, program and process development, and individual assessment for such companies as Delta Airlines, AIG and Georgia Pacific. The cornerstone of this work is the use of competencies and/or job-content analysis to plan and institute selection and development programs for all levels of management.

Using business strategies and goals as the lodestar, Dr. Thomas has been successful in aligning structure, strategy, processes and systems within the context of culture and values to promote her clients’ success. Her ability to combine the individual perspective with the organizational perspective is a key to the results she achieves.

When not traveling for work and fun, Dr. Thomas and her husband enjoy visiting with their extended family, playing with their dog, Blue, sitting out on the deck reading or talking and enjoying nature. She enjoys reading mysteries and suspense novels and is a Trivia master!