6 Reasons why Consumers Engage Online with Considered-Purchase Brands

Understanding what consumers want from their online interactions with your company is not only an imperative for Considered-Purchase Brands, it is also the most enduring and most cost-effective way to build the trusted relationships essential for faster big-ticket sales.

Social media is the number one activity on the web. As a result, marketers need to know exactly what their customers expect from their online interactions with your brand – and then exceed those expectations.

The Top 6 Reasons for Engagement

  1. Incentives:
    This audience wants their fair share of the day’s deals. To sustain this relationship, be sure to give them discounts, free products or services and coupons. When looking for incentives, users primarily look to a brand’s social network. (While this fact might be more challenging for Considered-Purchase Brands, free events and on-demand webinars are valued incentives.)
  2. Customer Service:
    Here is the greatest opportunity to build loyalty – this audience just wants you to help them by solving their problems or by providing them with the latest product news and service information. Brands that listen and respond will win hearts and wallets for the long run.
  3. Feedback:
    This group wants you to ask for, listen to and respond to their feedback on products and services. This is the ultimate collaboration, and the best brands will jump at this “free research” and insights for innovations. Polls are great ways to engage this group – providing you post the results.
  4. Entertainment:
    The call is clear – this group wants access to premium content. However you have it – or need to develop it – this is the lure that keeps them engaged. Online games, fun blogs, video-sharing sites are more great ways to up the entertainment volume.
  5. New Ways to Interact with Their Brands:
    Think of this group as your fast drivers – they want easier, faster and cooler ways to stay in touch. Think of creating new online “touch points” like widgets, mobile applications, online games and contests.
  6. Be Marketed To:
    Nearly one-fourth of online users say “Market it and I will come.” A smart and efficient program will usually include banner ads, targeted ads, online promotions and e-marketing programs. And please don’t discount traditional media, like print and direct mail. They are still the backbone of lead generation and today, most brands need more leads.

Keeping Your Vows

Like any relationship, you just can’t afford to take this savvy online audience for granted. Aside from all the good news, online consumers are quick to call off the relationship if they become dissatisfied with their experience – especially if a brand acts irresponsibly, over communicates or sends content that is not relevant to them. Instead, remember to nurture these money-in-the-bank relationships with lots of attention, appreciation and respect.