Named after the French word for slope of a mountain side, the compelling mountain views of this North Carolina setting just miles from Asheville inspired the development plans for a gated, second-home community fashioned after quaint French mountain villages.


Attitudes adjust with the right altitude.

Getaway homes, in any fashion, are meant for escape from the everydayness of life. When the choice is a mountainside setting that offers spectacular long-range views, people naturally feel better. And when all is said and done, the promise of a more joyous attitude is the truest appeal.


Create a better point of view.

Peoples point of view often change depending on what is in front of them. Amid all the clamor of amenities, Versant’s ultimate amenity was something as simple and as profound as the idea of a porch with rocking chairs, best friends and incomparable views.


Capturing the imagination is the first step to sales.

Long before the community was built, the Versant story inspired people to imagine a relaxed lifestyle, surrounded by luxurious amenities, lavish views and a surprisingly unpretentious attitude.