The River Club

A privately held estate in an exclusive area was an irresistible purchase for Crescent Resources, knowing it would require an equally irresistible positioning in the highly competitive luxury market.


Not all luxury is created equal. Not all wealthy buyers are the same.

Finding an unmet need in a saturated, high-end marketplace required a deep dive into the world of HNWIs. When it came to attracting the High Net Worth buyers, the first insight was that this audience could not only afford what they wanted, they could also afford to wait until they found it. The second insight was that there is arc to wealth maturation. Understanding this made all the difference.


Create a herculean leap in differentiation.

To keep the new community from cannibalizing its successful sister community, market research showed there was a deep pool of wealth in this small market area and we needed to identify a different type of HNWI. We did. Understanding our buyers were more private, more focused on nature and had a very definitive and personal view of wealth, the developers created a community that was distinct from its sister community. Our work was to convey this difference through a highly personalized campaign that focused on the life and success values of this unique market segment.


Respectful indulgence in individuality is the ultimate key to success in luxury marketing.

Understanding the uniqueness of this market segment, the campaign identified with their highly personalized views and values. Separated into four target audiences, the stories captured this market’s personalities and perspectives so well that pre-sales tripled expectations and ongoing sales exceeded goals by 58 percent. The campaign’s respectful expression, “I could only live at The River Club” perfectly captured the preferences of our buyers and saluted their individuality.