A great place sells itself. A meaningful place has to know how to present itself. This hotbed of knowledge wanted to be a cool place to live.


Academically inspired people know their way around multiple-choice.

Genomic, proteomic and metabolic scientists valued the ultimate research campus but they valued their family’s well being more. To attract the prominent scientists and researchers to relocate, the campus planned to create an equally high-value residential community.


Create a biotech campus community with all the right elements.

There are places and there are passions. Founded by the David H. Murdock Research Institute, the research campus had to be not only at the intersection of human health, nutrition and agriculture, it also needed to at the intersection of work, live and play.


Proof, there are no small parts in a human life.

The response to the announcement of the campus residential community drew tremendous attention and response from scientists and entrepreneurs alike. Now, groundbreaking research had all the right elements for life to thrive.