What happens when you expect A but incentivize B? Complexity becomes institutionalized and distorts behaviors between employees, managers and customers.


Left hand meets right hand only to discover neither has a good grasp of the other.

Complexity creates confusion. Confused employees become engaged in unproductive behaviors and frustrated customers move on. Unpacking the business problem through “Voice of Employee” and “Voice of Customer” research revealed deeper implications beyond the considered issues. Claims adjusters had developed their own survival behaviors that were counterproductive for customers. While correcting complex internal matters takes time, clarifying the desired behavior took empathy, entertainment and inspiration.


Change mandated behaviors to a customer-focus that inspired employees to make the mission personal.

Humans want to talk to other humans. Especially when they are in need and the matter is urgent. To inspire claims adjusters to answer their phones and fulfill their mission of delivering a superior customer experience, the employee engagement campaign focused their behaviors on delivering a more empathetic and responsive experience for both their internal audiences and the customers.


A measurable difference in the U.S. resulted in a global initiative.

When the true purpose behind a beneficial behavior is made clear and the mission is believed in, people on both ends of the phone will rise to the occasion. By measuring employee behavior before and after the campaign, there was a significant difference during the campaign communications activation phases. Unanswered calls dropped from 44% to 3%. With results proven, the campaign is taking on a global scale.