Denmark is focused on connecting consumers with brands and experiences in the always on, demanding and discerning, highly distracted world we all live in. We create messages that lead to meaningful behaviors and help simplify complex marketplace situations. We do this by combining deep curiosity with real-world experience to refine strategies and build communication ecosystems that answer challenges and close gaps. In human terms, we bring people closer.

Clients have unique challenges and different points of view, but all of our clients come to us for one thing: Original thinking. Denmark is an independent company of marketers who proactively deliver fiercely original thinking, technologies and opportunities for our clients. It is our job to simplify complexity, create strategy, explore conceptually, and deliver technology that brings to life vision and mission and drives growth for the brand.


The challenge considered purchase brands have in common is that they stand on big, complex mountains. Amid all that complexity, your biggest competitor is distance.

To change the customer’s view, you must shorten their path. We help do this one step at a time.

We have proven that when you make those first steps with insights, combining real-world intuition and evidence-based learning, the most complex problems can be simplified to create movement.


For us, the favorite component of what we do is the multi-faceted role and combination of roles, we often find ourselves in with our clients. Perhaps you might hear from others, “That’s not within our scope,” or, “We don’t really know how to do that.” Those sorts of responses are not part of our approach. We look for the traits of an explorer in our colleagues and our clients. Together, we draw from experience, connect with new thinking and create, not just a vision of success, but a path and a process that can be followed.